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 PMC01: the race of mid-January 2012

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MessageSujet: PMC01: the race of mid-January 2012   Dim 29 Jan 2012 - 15:55

Old news for the frenchies, but let me throw some English translation in Smile

mangastef a écrit:
Many of you begged for it and it was still pending. I hope you will attend this event.
Because now is time to launch the first edition of the Planets Millions Cup, also known as the PMC:

The PMC01 edition takes place on January 19th 2012 at 9 PM CET

For now, this edition will basically serve as a test; the main goal is to see whether it is possible for the PMC to work as well with TM² as the CMC with TMUF.
Thanks to some folks who lent me a hand, we've set up a server with ManiaLive and MLEPP.
Some plugins have been disabled in order to prevent slowdowns. Others still have to be created; these plugins will come as time passes by.

No subscription will be required for this first edition, (the plugin yet has to be designed) but server donations are welcomed.

Feel free to come into the server, and to invite your friends as well. The server will be locked with a password before the first track begins, in order to limit extra player activity in the middle of the run. (Turns out there was no password.)

We have 4 tracks, each with a different weight in coppers, in order to let you and us evaluate not only the server's capacity, but also your computer's.
Between different "official" PMC tracks, I'll throw a "stamp map" (or test track) in order to give players time to adjust their graphical settings, if needed.

Intended track order:

Stamp track
Multi-lap track – 6200 coppers
Stamp track
Multi-lap track with panels included – 7500 coppers
Stamp track
Single-lap track – 8000 coppers
Stamp track
Single-lap track – 10300 coppers

It goes to say that the 4 tracks are to be played *once*.
I'd like to keep records from the first edition in order to make a results table; even if it's just a test, why not try it out already.
We're working on a Web portal which should show some statistics, including the results' tables for each edition, a player profile/history, track records, donations, etc.

As you may have guessed, for now I won't be able to award a lot of Planets, so you won't have any gains for this first edition.
I hope the amount of people attending the PMC will be as high as those who attended the CMC.

As a remember, here are the login details for the PMC group (which may announce events and some news):

Login : PMC4ever
Pass : love4pmc

The server is located at France/Île de France/Yvelines, and its login is cmcsrv2

I thank every person helping me to prepare the PMC.

Stef Wink gogoggogogogogogogogogogogogogogog on 2012-01-19

mangastef a écrit:
Thank you all for being so numerous to participate cheers

For the results you'll have to wait for a while, and I have to shut down the records plugin for now.

Still, it was a successful test!

mangastef a écrit:
pod.BanZzai a écrit:
Thank you for the organization Smile
A very good warm-up on TM², whether it be about the planning or the tracks.
Very cool tracks; I especially think the last one seemed to fit the CMC style perfectly, though the others were nice too Smile
I am looking forward to the next edition Cool
Thank you for this assistance, the pod players always are present, it is pleasing to see veterans who played the very first edition of the CMC, playing this new competition.
I am unquestionably satisfied with the evening as well as the server (maintained by the LSD's who I thank by the way).
I've seen some "grumblers" who felt more like criticizing than playing for fun, but well--that was to be expected.

As a reminder, more patience is required for the results, which by the way won't have any Planets gains (for this edition).
I'm gonna have to renew the track stock. I thank all those who contribute to rendering the PMC possible.

See you in one month. Remember to join the PMC group in order to stay informed ^^

Login : PMC4ever
Password : love4pmc

Dimitri a écrit:
The server seems to have stood up (with about 100 players plus additional "brief visitors" since there were no subscriptions).
The only surprise I had is about the strange lag on the "stamp track" Tampax. This lag, after almost 4 minutes (interval during which my opponents had a refresh rate of less than 1 time per second), had vanished as if nothing had happended, resulting in a good CMC-like experience... Was that a ghost trick? Or was that only an instantaneous parameter change? ^^

I had a look at the replays I recorded yesterday evening, which are downloadable on MediaFire.
In short... With the Canyon environment on PMC, and with how heavy the Canyon car is, I think we're going to expect a lot of flying crashing cars Smile

Technically, ManiaPlanet records standard replays (haven't tested replays from the so-called "previous race") in a way different from that of TMUF ; what I mean is, the Ghost blocks are dynamically sized depending on the run duration (or visit duration for the brief visitors), and record every single round from the track (without taking into account the "endRound" commands that split the warm-ups and the real run).

Another remark: those going into the Replay Editor (to Edit a replay, not to View a replay) will have to manually add a Camera clip (unlike what is done automatically by TMUF).
What remains to be seen, is whether the "Play a replay" system preserves the interpolation (long story short, quality) of opponent cars, which would be a good point against TMUF. However, what I fear is, will the run start with the warm-ups, or just the real run?!

Needless to say, you likely will have to spectate the warm-ups before the real run if you want to see the latter in the replays... unless I crop the beginning of the replay somehow... or unless I add some text to numerate the various warm-ups before the run... Time and research will probably tell what to do.

But in the meantime, feel free to download those replays so you have an idea of how they work Wink

mangastef a écrit:
Before all of you focus on the results, I tell you how I think I am going to calculate them. It's not very different from what is done with the CMC on TMUF.

To appear in the grid below, you have to have finished at least one track. The amount of points received, for each track, depends on your ranking as well as the amount of finishers.
Example: if 100 players cross the finish line, the 1st one would gain 100 pts, the 2nd one 99 pts, the 3rd one 98 pts, the 4th one 97 pts, and so on.

To this, I add a podium bonus for each track: 15 pts for 1st place, 10 pts for 2nd place, 5 pts for 3rd place.
Keeping the example above, this would result in the following:
Example: if 100 players cross the finish line, the 1st one would gain 115 pts, the 2nd one 109 pts, the 3rd one 103 pts, the 4th one 97 pts, the 5th one 96 pts, and so on.

This same calculation is repeated for as many tracks as there were tracks played officially, and scores from each player will be summed up.
There might later be an additional podium bonus, applying to the first three players in the final rankings. But I yet have to decide on this.

Voilà. I hope I was being clear in my explanations regarding the ranking system. And, of course... feel free to give your opinion about it. Wink

The records plugin is now working again on the server. You can replay the tracks, improve your times and increase your server rank.

Below you will find the results' table of the first PMC on TM² (Canyon). Despite being away for three *months*, I can see that TEP Kaka still ruled. cheers
cheers Bravo à tout le monde et j'espère vous revoir le mois prochain. cheers

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @2.67 Ghz ~ NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 ~ 2 Go de RAM DDR2 ~ Windows 7 x86

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PMC01: the race of mid-January 2012
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