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Date d'inscription : 28/12/2006

MessageSujet: [PLEASE READ] THE CMC RULES   Ven 12 Jan 2007 - 21:25

All times are CET or CEST.

Internal rules of the cup :

- The Coppers Millions Cup is a TM United Forever cup only, where a lot of people (between 50 and 150) are entitled to a good evening with simultaneous races over various fun tracks!
- It takes place on the first Thursday of each month at 9:00 PM (eventual delays will be reported on this forum).
- During the evening, compete for fun on 4 or 5 insane tracks within 5 to 12 minutes long, kept in secret until the last moment, with only 1 run per track. No training is possible for players. Special editions, formerly announced on this forum, will sometimes be played with some rule adjustments.
- Once you retired in a race, it's all over for the track! To avoid that in accident, it's better to change the "Retire" key to something else during the CMC Wink
- Subscribe for the next month in the CoppersMillionCup dedicated server : when the window pops up, specify the subscribing fee on the mini-keyboard (at least 50 coppers). You can reopen the window by re-joining the server or by clicking on the 5th (the right-most) icon on the top-left menubar.
- Every copper received through donations or subscriptions is added to the JACKPOT!
- Subscriptions are closed the very day after a certain time or when reaching a certain player limit. After that, the subscription window will no longer appear, so consider subscribing in advance to avoid bad surprises!
- Nonetheless, last-minute subscriptions (don't be late every time!) are only permitted in exchange of a generous donation to the server. I'll try to answer to such requests on this forum (although only Stef/Mangastef is able to add such subscriptions), so if you are a CMC veteran, no problem... Smile
- All pilots who finished at least one track will win coppers (from the score calculation) according to the rank on each race and the JACKPOT! This is explained in more detail in the "Calculating" part below.
- Shortcuts are allowed, but take them at your own risk^^

Fair-play rules :

- As Ace says, "having fun with friends is better than winning points," or coppers...
- The special CMC tracks can be mixed with LOL-parts and technical passages, hence the traps that are usually fun(ny) to crash into! This adds challenge and replay value to the CMC.
- Due to the cup's popularity, you're advised to lower the number of cars shown and the graphics, upgrade your computer's RAM to at-least 1~2GB (to avoid freezing during the track loading), and so on...
- You should not spam/flood the chat over 5 times, about 2~3 times is enough. Especially during the fake restarts where players are confused about whenever the real race starts...
- Avoid flaming and insulting others, as well as pointless criticism such as "this should not be at the CMC" or "the CMC sucks!!". Remember that it's a GAME, where you can win as well as lose. "It's the lottery, honey! Very Happy"
- Any failure to comply to the previous rule will result in a friendly warning, and could, at worst, get you banned of this cup. tongue

Calculating the ranking scores:

- Here is the formula: "Number of "finishers" on a track - Your rank on the race + 1 = Your score for this map". There's only a 1pt difference per rank Smile
- For example, finishing 30th out of 100 finished players will give you 71pts. It's better than winning 1st out of 35 players: you'll only get 35pts. Not finishing the track or retiring will score zero, and you have to finish 1 or more tracks to appear in the ranking.
- The points obtained in all finished tracks will be added together to form the ranking. The value of each point in coppers is obtained by dividing the JACKPOT by the total number of points.
- The coppers won in an edition aren't immediately distributed after the publication of the results on this forum. As long as the delay of 7 days isn't done yet, unless Stef has already announced that coppers have been distributed, it is useless to complain here about why you still haven't received your coppers... Patience is a virtue.
- Finally, to motivate some poor players, we are free to alter the way the ranking is done: random, reverse (a first place then gives 1pt, and not finishing still gives zero)... Since there isn't a million coppers in the JACKPOT, it's not a drama if you get less points because of the balance Wink

To join the dedicated server, go here, or search CMCSRV in TMUF's server list. Remember to add it into your favourites for quicker access!

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